Contact DCSP

Call us if you are aware of a non-emergency situation of distress in the downtown area.

DCSP member patroling the streets

For timely community outreach assistance or courtesy walks, please call:
204-947-DCSP (3277)

To report a community concern, please CLICK HERE.

Please call 911 to report criminal activity, imminent danger, and any serious incidents of medical distress.

Downtown Community Safety Partnership Administrative Offices

Email: [email protected]
Tel.: 204-947-DCSP (3277)
Fax: 204-949-0657

Report a Problem

If you are aware of a non-emergency situation or an individual requiring a wellness check within the downtown, please engage the DCSP for timely follow-up by calling 204-947-DCSP (3277).

The DCSP appreciates the engagement of the entire community in contributing to downtown safety and wellness. While the DCSP has many active patrol teams, we may not be aware of all situations requiring assessment or follow-up. Please outline your concerns using the form below.