DCSP Teams

Information regarding the various DCSP Teams.

Community presence and outreach teams

The DCSP’s highly identifiable team members are more than community ambassadors; they are highly trained to address the needs of the downtown community, as well as those with complex issues, with a continuum of assistance from referrals and outreach to advanced medical aid and follow-up intervention.


The CONNECT Team provides a presence along with frontline assistance and referral for all members of the downtown community.


The Mobile Assist and Connect (MAC24/7) Team provides presence and outreach services to the downtown community, including social needs assessments, and engages other agencies and resources, including the DCSP COAR team, as required to best serve individual needs. MAC24/7 is also trained in advanced first aid to assist with non-emergency medical situations.


The Community Outreach Advocacy Resource (COAR) Team provides presence and outreach as well as follow-up intervention and assistance, working with partner agencies in housing, addictions treatment, education, mental health support, and other resources that aim to provide longer-term assistance to better serve individuals and the downtown community as a whole.

Information and Communication Centre

A transformative component of the DCSP will be a centralized Information and Communication Centre, through which calls for assistance will be assessed, triaged and addressed. The hub will enhance connectivity among the downtown community and DCSP teams and partners, and facilitate timely, appropriate and consistent response to those in need downtown.

The public can call our contact line at 204-947-DCSP (3277) to dispatch assistance from the DCSP’s community outreach teams.